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At Ebanks Horne Rota Moos L.L.P., we solve problems for clients throughout the State of Texas and across the Nation.  Whether the problems are in or out of court, we strive to resolve all issues.  Should resolution be impractical or non-beneficial to your interests, we will try the suit.

Our attorneys are experienced and qualified to handle all aspects of your particular need from counsel, advice, resolution, litigation or trial.  If you need counsel, our attorneys have likely handled cases in that area.

As our clients will attest, we treat your problems and issues as our own.  We understand the current economic climate and the need to minimize legal costs.  We work to identify an acceptable road map for handling your matter while minimizing costs and expenses as much as possible.  Your goals are incorporated into our proposals and litigation plans.  We strive to fully explain your options to you upon identification so that you can benefit from well informed and timely decisions.

Our relationships with our clients are built upon timely and open diaglogue.  We believe open and honest communications are crucial to your successful defense.  We seek informed feedback from our clients in an effort to ensure key decisions are understood and acquiesced to by our clients.  We value participation and input from our clients.

We strive to obtain the best results for you through an honest and ethical defense.

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